how to install Framework CodeIgniter

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Before you follow these steps, your laptop or your computer must be installed webservice and databases, such as XAMPP,
for XAMPP installation you can see the article XAMPP installation.

To download the software XAMPP you can visit
the official website here

And, if already installed XAMPP, go to the next step.

Open ControlPanel XAMPP.

you can download the framework CodeIgniter Here download CodeIgniter.

after completion of the download CodeIgniter framework, extract CodeIgniter.rar

Copy folder, like this

open Local Disk C > xampp > htdocs, and paste the previously copied files
in the htdocs folder
rename that folder

open your web browser, such as Mozilla or Chrome.
type localhost / codeigniter folder name /  in url.

like this

its easy guys ! hope it is useful !

how to install Framework CodeIgniter
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