how to install XAMPP software

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today, i will show you how to install XAMPP in windows Os.

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XAMPP  is a free and open source cross-platform web server solution stack package, consisting mainly of the Apache HTTP Server, MySQL database, and interpreters for scripts written in the PHP and Perl programming languages. 

XAMPP's name is an acronym for:
    X (to be read as "cross", meaning cross-platform)
    Apache HTTP Server

XAMPP requires only one zip, tar, 7z, or exe file to be downloaded and run, and little or no configuration of the various components that make up the web server is required. XAMPP is regularly updated to incorporate the latest releases of Apache, MySQL, PHP and Perl. It also comes with a number of other modules including OpenSSL and phpMyAdmin.

Self-contained, multiple instances of XAMPP can exist on a single computer, and any given instance can be copied from one computer to another.

It is offered in both a full, standard version and a smaller version.

download here

if you've finished download this software, go to the next step !

i use XAMPP version 1.7.7

A.   Click setup, select a language,and click OK like the image below.

B.   If the message appears as below, skip / click Ok

C.   Click Next

select to destination folder, and click Next

D.   check it,like image below. and click Install

E.   wait a few moment for installation steps,

F.    Installation Complete !, and click Finish

G.   just click OK

H.  click Yes

I.  and show for Xampp Control Panel

J. open your browser as Mozilla/Chrome- and other.

K.   and type Url below
L.   and show splash,select language !

Screenshot for XAMPP For Windows

its easy, please write comment and share it !
how to install XAMPP software
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